Typing Interview

When people learn about the Enneagram, they first want to know: “How can I find my Enneagram Type?”

Enneagram Typing Interviews are interactive sessions designed to help YOU discover your Enneagram type. These interviews are generally more powerful and accurate than online tests because they help you discover your core motivation.

Online tests focus more on behavior. While the interviews go a level deeper to uncover motivation. For example, if an online test asks “Do you like to drive sports cars?” many types might answer yes but for different motivations. The Performer (3) may like the attention they get. The Epicure (7) may like the adrenaline rush of going fast. The Protector (8) may like the feeling of power and control. Interactive interviews uncover these differences, leading to more accurate results.

The overall purpose of this process is to help clients discover what motivates patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Type cannot be determined from external behaviors but only from a deeper understanding of focus of attention, underlying motivations, and lived experience.

Why learn your Enneagram type?

What are people saying about Enneagram Typing Interviews?

"I learned so much about myself from this  typing interview." --Alex

"Truly transformational" --Maria

"I thought I knew my type from taking online test, but the interview gave me so much more insight." --Liz

How does an Enneagram Typing Interview work?

You schedule the interview. There is nothing to prepare, and you don’t need to bring anything. I lead you through the process as we talk about your thoughts. The questions are designed to answer the question “Where does your attention go?” Most people find the interviews thought-provoking, informative and fun. Some sample questions are below.

What types of questions should I expect?

How long does it take?

Most interviews take between 45 and 50 minutes, but we allow 75 minutes for the session so that we aren’t rushed. A video of your interview will be sent to you after the interview.

Who conducts the Enneagram Typing Interview?

I conduct all Enneagram Typing interviews. You can learn more about my background and qualifications here.

How do I book an Enneagram Typing Interview?

To schedule an interview, click here to use Calendly or email me with your name, your city/state/country, and three times/dates that work for you for a 90-minute session. Most sessions take 45-50 minutes but we allow 90 minutes so the sessions aren’t rushed and so we can account for lag in signing on and getting started. These interviews are available worldwide via Zoom.

Testimonials for Enneagram Typing interviews with Dr. Bee

"I have enjoyed the spiritual journey with Brenda.  Her coaching and questions really helped me focus on my relationship with God and gave me great tools for growing in my personal journey and relationship with God."  --Jean